5 Best Exercise for Lose Belly Fat

5 Best Exercise for Lose Belly Fat

Hello, you may be troubled by your hideous abdominal fat and find some ways to get rid of this unbearable pain. But there is no such problem which has no solution in this world. Here I give some easy your Best Exercise For Lose Belly Fat and regain your flat stomach.

But before that, you have to know why the maximum fat of our body accumulates in our stomach area. And which step helps you to stop increasing belly fat. Today I will give you some best but very easy method.

Why increase your belly fat?

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Best Exercise for Lose Belly Fat

There are many articles about reducing belly fat. But do you know why this fat increases in your stomach?

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Not just by eating too much fat, but by filling up. There are many bad habits that cause fatigue in your stomach. Here are some reasons why there is fat in the stomach, you know.

  • Eating extra sugar or sweet foods: Sugar or sweet foods are one reason for increased abdominal fat. If you want a slimmer stomach, skip sugar and sweeteners. If you do not want to reduce them, reduce the intake of these foods. Like 2/3 times a week.
  • Sleep Unlimited: Sleep is very beneficial for the human body. If you sleep indefinitely at night but you may have stomach fat. That is why you should try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night.
  • Drinking soda / soft drinks / alcohol-rich drinks every day: You want to eat soft drinks. Is not this your day? Or addiction to different drugs? Then you will not get a flat stomach. If you do not leave them, the stomach will remain in the stomach.
  • Eat more of low-fat foods: If you eat more of the low-fat foods, the body shape will be under control, even if you are eating these foods all day, but the belly fat will increase. To reduce belly fat, you eat more low-fat foods, but low-fat foods contain too much sugar, which is very good for fat deposition. Therefore, avoid low-fat food.
  • Do not drink medium water: Even if you do not drink medium water, you can still face this problem. Because the more water you drink, the less your stomach empties. As a result, you can eat less. So drink 1 glass of water before eating and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Mental stress/anxiety/ eating a lot in trouble: Food, especially delicious food, but can reduce mental distress and stress. This is true for many people. So try to be independent and easy at all times.
  • Eat late at night: The greater the delay in eating at night, the higher the risk of getting fat. So try to eat before 9 pm and eat light food at night.

How can you burn your belly fat by exercising?

The excess fat in the stomach is more than the whole body, but it is true that it takes a little longer to reduce abdominal fat. However, if you can exercise regularly, it is possible to remove abdominal fat. With this, some food will be replaced.

Eat less often and five to six times. Drink water after half an hour of eating. Dinner should be completed by 8:30 pm or dinner should be completed two hours before bedtime. Also, regular exercise can keep abdominal fat under control. Food, vegetables, red rice, red flour bread, chicken meat, fish, low-fat milk, etc. should be placed in the food list.

If you want to reduce belly fat, then just follow this exercise step by step.

1. Sit-ups

This is a very effective exercise especially to lose weight, which burns the belly fat quickly. Other benefits of this exercise are the strengthening of the abdominal muscles, the benefit of this exercise.

First of all, you lie on the mat or on the floor. You can cross your arms or cross them in front of your push. Now, keep your lower body stable and move your upper body towards your knee. Breathe deeply and exhale as you go. Inhale as you bring your body back to the mat. Make sure that your hands do not push too much against your head and neck. You should use to move the beaten muscles up and down, so make sure your neck is not sharp during this exercise. Do this every day for 10-15 minutes.

2. Crunches

Crunches are considered the fastest way to burn fat and it is very easy to exercise at home without any equipment. They build patience and strength in your abdominal muscles. Keep the floor flat, keep your head back, bend your knees, and keep the floor flat on your feet. Move your upper body off the floor, breathing as you go down and down. Rest for a few minutes, repeat.

3. Rise of the feet

Straight down on the floor. Straight legs up to 90 degrees. The hand will be on the right. Now take a breath to move two pairs of legs down. But there will be no feet on two floors. Keep some distance on the floor with your feet. At that point, release the breath one and two feet to 90 degrees. Go down again. From head to waist it will be on the floor. Set 12 times like this. This exercise is very beneficial for the abdominal cavity.

4. Russian Twist

Keep them straight in front of you. Walk a few feet by turning the legs slightly higher than the feet. Move the upper body behind the waist. Keep both your hands in your hands and turn to the right and turn to the right waist, turn around or bring it up to the waist. Do two sets of 12 like this. It reduces fatty tissue and floor belly fat in your waist.

5. plank

Lying on the forehead, bending the two arms in front of the elbow and setting it at the feet of the feet, the body should be raised in a parallel position. Stay in this state for exactly 10-15 seconds. In the first 10-15 seconds. After that, it can be extended for 40–45 seconds. Once, once done. Do this two to three times. After each time you will take some rest, it will reduce your fat and your fat will come back.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will definitely get very good results. But remember not to practice every day. In a starting position, one day later. It will give good results. After the first one to two days, your abdominal muscles will feel sore. You will be sure that your exercise is working, that is, fat cells are breaking down. So, after two to three months of stretching, you will get good results. And after two to three months you have to choose another exercise. Because the same exercise does not want to work for more days.


Finally, it should be remembered that along with 5 Best Exercise for Lose Belly Fat, attention should also be paid to food. This practice is not working until you stop eating unhealthy foods. Keep healthy foods and avoid sugary drinks. Reduce the extra oily food you eat. drink plenty of water.

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