How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat 7 Day

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat 7 Day 

We know that you are very concerned about your increased abdominal fat, so today we are going to tell you How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat 7-Day, which will help you a lot in reducing belly fat. So let's start, but before that you should notice some things. Which is very important to lose weight

Many people have been disappointed with the problem of abdominal fat and overweight. And there are many ways to use it to get rid of the problem of overweight. People who are at a very high risk of abdominal fat can easily get rid of this problem. Even abdominal fat can be less than 7 days.

Instead of eating fish, poultry, and vegetables in foods, we generally prefer to eat alcohol, sugar, processed foods, etc. Processed foods and sugar are rich in body fat and lower abdomen, rust, jibberish fat. Therefore caution should be taken while taking food. Today we know how to get rid of your unbearable belly fat.

Following this 7-day meal plan helps you get rid of your belly fat.

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat 7 Day 

How to get rid of belly fat

  • Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. This food is easily increased by fat.
  • Take your favorite foods from the food list one day within a week. Chocolate, cake, or chocolate will reduce for a week or more weeks. This will increase metabolism. 
  • Eating fish oil to reduce fat. Fish oil supplies excess fat and provides fatty acids for the body.
  • Have a regular breakfast: Take a 1-hour snack before bedtime. If there is not enough time to eat in the morning, eat some fruits and nuts or eggs.
  • Do not take any heavy meals after 8 pm. It is good to have a heavy meal for at least 4 hours before sleeping at night. If you sleep at night, there is a problem with digestion and increased fat.

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7-day meal plan to get rid of belly fat / lose weight

Add lemon, ginger, or raw garlic/apple cider vinegar or honey every day before breakfast.\

Day 1
You eat any fruit without the banana. Except for all types of food, the first day will only eat fruit.

Day 2
On the second day, you have to eat vegetables. Eat lots of vegetables without potatoes. Try eating raw vegetables or salads such as cucumbers, carrots, etc. or you can eat vegetables boiled without oil. If you want to use oil, then you can use a small amount of olive oil.

Day 3
Do not eat a banana on the third day. Any fruit and fat-burning vegetables except banana can be eaten as much as you can. But no other food can be eaten.

Day 4
But 4 days is the time to eat bananas. On this day you have 8 medium-sized bananas and three glasses (200 mm) of milk. But nothing else can be eaten.

Day 5
You can eat meat on the fifth day. Eat small amounts of chicken meat and eat 6 tomatoes.

Day 6
Eat chicken meat for 6 days and eat other fat-burning vegetables apart from potatoes.

Day 7
On the last day, you can eat brown rice / or low-calorie bread, non-fat meat, homemade fat burning fruit juice, and all kinds of vegetables - on the 7th day.

This diet list should not be followed once a month.

Please contact your doctor if you've got the other disease before following this diet How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat 7 Day.

Eat lots of food throughout the day.

Losing weight is based on your weight. Which has more weight, its area is more than rare? But at least 1.3 kg to less than 4.5 kg.

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