GM Diet Plan: Promises Weight Loss in Just Seven Days

weight loss dietGM diet involves eating low-calorie foods for seven days. (representational, file)

Among the many fad diets, a particular diet plan that has been getting attention is the GM diet.

GM diet stands for General Motors diet, which claims to help one lose weight — up to 15 pounds or 6.8 kgs — in just one week. Wondering how it works? Read on.

What is a GM diet plan?

The GM-Diet Plan, or General Motors Diet, is a 7-day weight loss program developed by General Motors Corporation that aims to keep its employees healthy. The GM diet chart was a collaborative effort by GM, FDA, and USDA, which was also tested at the John Hopkins Research Center before being given final approval.

Benefits of GM diet plan:

  • Sugar Amount:
  • Detoxification:
  • Glowing skin:
  • Promotes metabolism:
  • Improves digestion:
  • Common eating habits:

How does the GM diet promise?

GM diet is known to have been formulated in General Motors Corp in 1987, to tackle weight and health issues faced by its employees. It was field-tested at John Hopkins Research Centre and then approved for distribution by the board of directors of GM Corp.

According to the gm diet. in, the diet plan works on “providing simple nutrients to burn calories than adding further to your body, on a seven-day schedule which would enable weight loss, body detox and giving body cleansing benefits too.” The diet claims to focus on eating “wisely” rather than “starving”.

GM diet menu

GM diet can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian — while the diet remains the same for both groups on the first four days, it changes as per one’s food preferences on days 5,6 and 7. Here’s a brief look at the diet plan:

  • On day 1, you can eat sweets and tangy fruits like melons, to keep you full for a long time. Other fruits include strawberries, apples, watermelon, and cantaloupe.
  • On day 2, you can consume all vegetables like lettuce, tomato, cabbage, onion, kale, artichoke, spinach, broccoli, and limit potato to just breakfast.
  • Day 3 consists of both fruits and vegetables. “This is the day when your body starts to lose fat in chunks. Complex carbs in fruits help you keep energized and stay focussed too. Choose a salad, boiled vegetables and ample water to keep your body hydrated,” mentions
  • On day 4, soup is recommended but more bananas and milk are to be consumed. “8 medium-sized bananas and 3 glasses of skimmed milk must be consumed over the day,” as suggested by the website.

bananas, health benefits of bananas, dental health, indian express lifestyle Bananas are an integral part of the diet plan. (Photo: Thinkstock/Getty Images)

  • Day 5 is when you can have one item among chicken, fish, or beef. This can be consumed in two meals along with six tomatoes. Vegetarians can replace meat with cottage cheese or brown rice in addition to tomatoes.
  • On day 6, meat (or cottage cheese) and vegetables are recommended with no tomatoes.
  • On day 7, the last day, more fruits and vegetables are to be added to the diet.

Apart from these foods, the GM diet focuses on drinking enough water — about six to eight glasses each day.

Is GM diet sustainable?

This diet plan involves the consumption of low-calorie or “negative-calorie foods” which provide fewer calories than they take to digest, thereby promoting weight loss. Besides, it emphasizes drinking water which helps detoxify the body. But like most other fad diets, experts are divided in their opinion about whether this diet plan is sustainable.

According to, the diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals that come with eating a variety of healthy foods daily. Besides, most days of the entire diet plan provide low amounts of protein, which, researchers argue, can decrease appetite and promote weight loss.

Moreover, the diet can only lead to temporary weight loss. Once the GM diet plan is over, it is likely that you would regain weight once you resume your normal diet, according to Healthline.

As they say, every coin has a flip side, the GM diet plan comes with its own demerits. This is a short-term weight loss program so it is often seen that once a person comes off this diet plan they eat more and get back to playing with their body physique.
Another small concern that comes up when following a GMO weight loss diet plan is that some people show little response to a sudden change in diet. These reactions can be seen as muscle weakness, fatigue, headache, or dehydration.
However, the severity of these reactions depends on the routine and immunity of each person. Therefore, it is safe to say that the GM diet plan for weight loss actually has all the aspects of being the best diet plan for losing weight quickly; It requires its fruits, a pinch of discipline, a pinch of honesty, and a bond with a commitment to yourself.

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